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A passionate artist from India living in Germany now. I have always been curious and fascinated about colors while growing up. Hence, I started to learn art at the age of nine. My art teacher is one of the most successful students of renowned artist C. Kondaiah Raju from Tamilnadu, India. The initial focus was on sketching, to lay a strong foundation and then build on it with various painting techniques. I have gained expertise and did several projects using different techniques such as acrylic painting, watercolor, oil painting, Tanjore painting, texture painting, glass painting.

My interest in art led me to also explore various other craft works, such as clay modelling, jewelry making, quilling, and aari embroidery. Creativity takes courage and that is what lead me towards teaching art and to sell several of my artworks. For my baby shower function, I gave my friends a custom-made return gift with my personal touch. Based on the positive feedback, I am planning to offer customized return gifts for birthday parties, baby shower functions, or any other special events.

Age is no bar for learning. So, Connect with Colors offer drawing and painting courses for kids and adults alike. The students are separated in two age groups, 4 to 7 years and 8 years & above. For the monthly drawing classes, students learn the fundamentals of sketching to get the basics right. After a strong foundation, we add advanced drawing, shading and coloring techniques (using color pencils, water color) to their skillset. In addition to the monthly drawing course, we also offer single painting project with main focus on improving the painting skills, on any technique of the student‘s choice such as acrylic, oil, glass, texture, watercolor, Tanjore painting.

Weekly Schedule

Weekly Schedule


“There is no better art teacher than Krishnavela in Frankfurt!

I took up an ambitious acrylic paint project and had a great learning experience. I successfully completed the painting under her expert guidance. What make her an excellent teacher are her ability to recognize the strengths/ weaknesses of the student, her near-infinite patience & encouragement and her commitment to making sure that the student produces their best artwork.”


Well organized classes, polite and children friendly teacher. My daughter eagerly awaits for every class which shows how much she likes the class.


We are so lucky to have found Krishnavela . It’s because of her , our daughter Akshitha has so much passion for drawing . She is a catalyst for Akshitha‘s creativity. Her enormous encouragement helped my daughter to express her imaginations. Krishnavela is not just a teacher but a person very close to Akshitha’s heart and as per Akshitha, she is the synonym for drawing . We would like her to be our daughter‘s teacher forever.


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